Sunday, April 24, 2011

5 Songs

5 most listened to songs on my IPOD

1- Animal by Neon Trees
2- Marry Me by Train
3- Misery by Maroon 5
4- Great Divide by the Kin
5- Somewhere Only We Know by the Gee Cast (Darren Criss, did I mention I was obsessed with him?)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Ok I admit I have a problem. I am "obsessed" with a few shows Ok maybe I should really say, I am obsessed with CERTAIN people on a few shows. Here is a get to know me. My current obsessions :)

 #1 The show:

The Person: Nathan Fillion LOVE!!

 #2 The show: Ghost adventures. Yes I love this show!!
The person: Zak of course!

#3 Glee

The person: *sigh* Darren Criss *sigh*

That is enough sharing for now. haha