Friday, June 17, 2011

Can you say starstruck?

So today I had an experience that I know I will never have again in my lifetime.
I won't even joke about it, I have a major crush on Darren Criss.  (and it really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone).   This is serious.  I have pictures of him all over my phone and IPOD, I have a lot, not all of his songs on my IPOD.  And I watch Glee JUST to see if he is on it that day.
Well, he is on tour right now with the glee cast doing their summer concert series, and the "stalker" that I am, I know the websites to go to that post little videos of the previous nights performances.  One night about two weeks ago I was doing just that but realized I knew someone standing on the stage RIGHT NEXT to him. 
I was freaking out, the brother of one of the girls I work with was a Warbler!!  Why didn't anyone tell me?  She could get him to give me an autograph or SOMETHING right?
After my inital freak out I deceided not to say anything to Loni, cause you don't want to be that annoying person, right?  But Jacki, helped out with that and I didn't need to say anything.  ha.  I really didn't think much would happen.  First of all I am a nobody with an insane crush, and they are all extremely busy, and try as Loni might her brother never had the time to call her back............until today.
What would you do if the one person you NEVER thought you would meet, you have a HUGE crush on, was on the other end of the phone that was handed to you?  I will tell you, not be able to form sentences, not comprehend what he is asking to come up with an actual answer, the last 5 seconds of the conversation actually pull yourself together to say, thanks for being who you are, and feel like a complete dork afterwards cause all you can think was, did I just say that? did that really just happen? 
And that doesn't include the dazed and confused feeling, and the fleeting thought, was that a joke?  And the moment you realize you aren't breathing properly so TAKE A BREATHE!
I know I am rambling so I will try to wrap it up.  Because of my wonderful friend Loni, and her brother that is on tour with Darren Criss ;)  I can say out loud..." I talked to Darren Criss today on the phone, I don't remember much...except he called me his best friend *sigh* but I will remember the experience for the rest of my life!
And to Darren, what I would have liked to say, Honestly you have changed my life.  Because of you I have discovered a passion for acceptance of people and their rights to live the way they chose to live that I didn't know I had. You are a genuine person who cares about others, and takes the time out of your busy schedule to talk to a nobody like me.  (How many people would do that in his position)
And you are very talented. I may have just discovered you recently but you will have a fan for life.


Jacki said...

just think if I hadn't said anything to Loni to begin with. you NEVER would have had this opportunity to talk to the person that you admire. I'm glad you were able to talk to him, that is pretty awesome and something you'll remember the rest of your life.

ShellBell said...

O.M.G.!! I would die. I mean, I don't have a crush on Darren, but it would be so surreal to have a celebrity crush called me lol. You are so lucky! And Jacki is a great friend.
But, I would appreciate it if you would remember to breathe so we can stay friends mmmmmmk?

Brittany said...

haha you are so funny! i bet you are still twitter-pated. that is so cool though! what are the chances. now you are best friends with your crush how cute! tell his friends i'm single hahaha